You’re probably wondering what this magazine is and what we think it means for Long Beach. It started out of my own frustrations with not feeling connected, not having an outlet to express myself creatively, and not finding a roadway for my opinions regarding what was going on in my own community. There are many other magazines around, but none of them seemed to meet the needs that I felt were important. They seemed too general, too trite. How do we connect in our city? How do we learn about and take advantage of all of the amazing events and organizations that make this city great? There are so many people who live in Long Beach, yet venture out to LA or Orange County for cultural and recreational activities and either ignore or are unaware of the abundance of opportunities right in their own back yards.

It turns out that many of my friends felt the same frustrations. We decided to act. I shared with them my ideas about creating a community-based magazine and GetOutLB was born. I want GetOutLB to show the successes and expose the needs in our community. I want it to be a forum for the people of Long Beach to be heard, to get informed and to create connections in our community. We all know the bar scene and the restaurants, but do we know the people and the organizations that make this city the amazing place that it is? I want you to Get Out into your community!

This is GetOutLB. It is a living magazine created to echo your views and reflections of Long Beach. It is a place to share stories, ideas, goals, progress and frustrations. It is a forum for you to engage with others about the community in which you live.

I’ll leave you with our mission statement: GetOutLB is a magazine for the community by the community. I encourage my community to participate, to speak up and be heard. Share your ideas and enjoy the ride with your community and Get Out, LB!

Sal Flores




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